121 “K&R” Part III (Episode 21)

D.L .Hughley as Simon Stiles
NBC Photo: Mitch Haaseth
Broadcast: June 21, 2007
Written by: Aaron Sorkin and Mark McKinney
Directed by: Timothy Busfield
Quotes, Dialogue, Plot Points
  • Jack needs Simon to apologize for the over-the-top things he said to the press which could be misinterpreted. He also needs a drink but they are in Danny’s office and Danny’s an alcoholic. When Simon refuses to apologize, Jack tells him, “I’m standing here telling you, you’re never going to work again. Ever! You and Michael Richards can open a taco stand together.”
    “Fire me or shut the hell up.”
    “He really doesn’t keep anything to drink in here?”
  • Jack finds something to drink elsewhere and brings it back and the two of them drink together. Jack tells Simon, “Before the sun comes up, you’re going to apologize.”
    “You want to bet?”
    “Uh-huh, sure.”
    “Mm. My paycheck against yours…. I’ve got complete confidence in myself.”
    “No confidence in you.”
  • Meanwhile at the hospital Danny forces the doctor to tell him Jordan’s classification: “Critical.”
  • Matt, Jack and Mary Tate, the lawyer with the connections, offer Tom the possibility of paying to ransom his brother. But Tom refuses. Then later the captain assigned to be with him tells him there will soon be a report that one of the three hostages has been executed but he swears none of them has died. Tom changes his mind.
  • ” K&R Part III: The long day’s journey into night continues as we learn more, in flashback, about how Matt (Matthew Perry) and Danny (Bradley Whitford) came to be fired in the first place.” (source NBC)
  • “Conclusion. Jordan’s pregnancy scare and Tom’s family crisis make for a long day at work, during which flashbacks tell the story behind Danny and Matt’s original dismissal from the show,” (source TV Guide)
  • Show Cast: Bradley Whitford, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Steven Weber, Sarah Paulson, D. Hughley L., Nathan Corddry, Judd Hirsch, Ed Asner, Timothy Busfield, Michael Stuhlbarg, Diana-maria Riva, Wendy Phillips, Donna Murphy, Evan Handler, Carlos Jacott, Nate Torrenc (source NBC)