DVD Set Available Now

Complete Series DVD
with Audio Commentary on the Pilot episode
from Aaron Sorkin & Tommy Schlamme plus a Documentary

Series Finale (June 28, 2007): "What Kind of Day Has It Been"

June 21 Episode: "K&R Part III"

June 14, 2007 Episode: "K&R Part II‚"

June 7, 2007 Episode: "K&R"

We are working on a summary of The Story So Far

Studio 60 Nominations & Awards

The award winning team of Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme (from The West Wing) created a new TV series which NBC describes as the drama behind the humor of producing a popular, late-night comedy sketch show. Its title is "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" often shortened to Studio 60.

There is backstage politics, mixed in with romances and the need for a delicate balance between creative talent, on-air personalities and network executives. The fictional show's network is NBS (National Broadcasting System).

Studio 60Start Date for the U.S. & Where Else It Will Play
Pilot was on NBC Monday, September 18th in the U.S. For those in Canada, Studio 60 will be on CTV at 10 pm Sunday nights (before showing in the U.S.). See more information about its availability, along with rebroadcasts, repeats, etc.

The pilot episode is now available from NetFlix: See our FAQ Page.

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