105 “The Long Lead Story” (Fifth Episode)

Timothy Busfield as Cal Shanley — NBC Photo: Trae Patton
Broadcast: October 16, 2006
Teleplay by: Aaron Sorkin
Story by: Dana Cavlo
Directed by: David Petrarca
It’s been three weeks since Wes’s live, on-air rant.
Lauren Graham
Musical Guest:
Music (Sting’s new album of the music of John Dowland (1563-1626), “Songs from the Labyrinth”):
some of these albums may have previous versions of these songs
  • “I think popular culture in general and this show in particular are important”
  • From TV.com: Tom: (to rehearsal audience) “Danny Tripp has just gone upstairs to Matt Albie’s office, where the two of them will very quickly decide what makes it into the show tonight. We call this ‘the Friday night slaughter.’ This is where you find out if you have the chance to be the next Bill Murray, or the next Domino’s Pizza delivery guy.” - (editor’s note: “Friday Night Slaughter” is the name of an upcoming episode)
  • “While the cast goes through rehearsals with Lauren Graham and Sting, a reporter (guest star Christine Lahti) tries to get the story on Matt (Matthew Perry) and Harriet (Sarah Paulson) as Jordan (Amanda Peet) passes on a lucrative but tasteless new reality series. Bradley Whitford, Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley, Nathan Corddry and Timothy Busfield also star.” (source NBC, via “HungryHippo2004″ on the Television Without Pity Studio 60 Forum)
  • “The "Studio 60" cast and crew rehearse with host Lauren Graham and musical guest Sting; Matt and Harriet get questioned about their personal history by a reporter (Christine Lahti); and Jordan receives a pitch for a potential hit reality TV series but deems it too tasteless.” (source TV Guide)