Studio 60

(l-r) Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes, Matthew Perry as Matt Albie, Bradley Whitford as Danny Tripp, Amanda Peet as Jordan McDeere — NBC Photo: Art Streiber
First Season Episodes
  1. The Pilot.
          See NBC promos for the Pilot.
  2. “The Cold Open”
  3. “The Focus Group”
  4. “The West Coast Delay”
  5. “The Long Lead Story”
  6. “The Wrap Party”
  7. “Nevada Day”, Part 1
  8. “Nevada Day”, Part 2
  9. “The Option Period”
  10. “B-12″
  11. “The Christmas Show”
  12. “Monday”
  13. “The Harriet Dinner”
  14. “The Harriet Dinner Part II”
  15. “The Friday Night Slaughter”
  16. “4 am Miracle”
  17. “The Disaster Show”
  18. “Breaking News”
  19. “K&R”
  20. “K&R Part II”
  21. K&R Part III
  22. What Kind of Day Has It Been Finale
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Main Characters of Studio 60
Matt Albie Danny Tripp
Jordan McDeere Harriet Hayes
Tom Jeter Simon Stiles
Jack Rudolph Cal Shanley
Secondary Characters
  • Wilson White
  • Suzanne - Former PA, now Matt’s Assistant
  • Lucy Kenwright - Writer
  • Darius Hawthorne - Writer
  • Andy - Writing Manager/Trainer
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