119 “K&R” (Episode 19)

Tom Jeter
Nate Cordrey as Tom Jeter
NBC Photo: Mitch Haaseth
Broadcast: June 7, 2007
Teleplay by: Aaron Sorkin
Story by: Mark Goffman
Directed by: Timothy Busfield
Title Meaning:
Kidnap and Rescue
‘Have A Little Faith In Me’ from ‘The Best of John Hiatt
Jordan is 37 weeks into her pregnancy.
Dialogue, Quotes:
  • Matt tells Harriet that Tom’s briother has a few things working in his favor like he’s a captured soldier and he’s not Jewish. Harriet responds, “So, if it was you over there instead of Mark—”
    “They’d be FedExing my head to my parents right now.”
    “Well, if it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Matt finds this funny and laughs and then laughs again. Then they both feel awkward and Harriet says, “We shouldn’t be laughing.”
    “Well, crying doesn’t do any good.”
    “Didn’t we have this fight once before?”
    “Haven’t we had every fight at least once before?”
    “Seriously, I remember this one.” And that leads into a flashback.
  • —More to Come—
  • “Jordan (Amanda Peet) is rushed into surgery as the situation with Tom’s (Nathan Corddry) brother grows more grim. Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley, Sarah Paulson and Tim Busfield also star.” (source NBC)
  • “Part 1 of 3. Stress levels rise as Jordan faces emergency surgery and Tom’s family issues take a turn for the worse.” (source TV Guide)
  • Show Cast: Bradley Whitford, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Steven Weber, Sarah Paulson, D. Hughley L., Nathan Corddry, Judd Hirsch, Ed Asner, Timothy Busfield, Michael Stuhlbarg, Diana-maria Riva, Wendy Phillips, Donna Murphy, Evan Handler, Carlos Jacott, Nate Torrenc (source NBC)