Jordan McDeere

Jordan McDeere

Amanda Peet as Jordan McDeere
NBC Photo: Art Streiber

Jordan McDeere — played by Amanda Peet

What we know about Jordan’s work history:
  • Currently President of the National Broadcasting System (NBS).
  • Was two years in business affairs at Atlantic Records
  • Two years Vice President at United Artists
  • Four years at NBC (a rival network of NBS) where she saw to it that Jay Leno spanked David Letterman on a regular basis
  • Most recently she was at the news division at the CBS Morning show where she took the show from a 16 to a 19 share and a 13% increase in the demo.
Personal information:
  • She was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools K-12 (in B-12)
  • She is originally from Charlottsville, Virgina
  • And she is “under 35″
  • She is pregnant (due in mid-May of 2007, she was 12 weeks around Christmas of 2006). When Jordan tells Danny that the biological father of the baby is her ex-boyfriend, Danny ask, “The guy from Great Western Mutual who ratted me out on the drug test?”
What she says:
  • “I wish to offend no one but I’m the President of the Ntional Broadcasting System and I won’t be told what to put on my air by amatures of any stripe.”
  • “I’ll adopt whatever attitude gets me through the day.”
What others say about her:
  • Martha O’Dell says about her, “You flipped off half the country and the TV business on your first day at work.” [104]
  • “I’ll adopt whatever attitude gets me through the day.”
The following information is from The Official Series Website - Jordan’s Education:
  • B.A. in American Studies from Amherst.
  • J.D. from Yale.
The following information is from The Wikipedia article on Jordan:
  • She was married to Ryan Mulrooney. She had been paying him alimony and when she stopped, he started shopping a tell-all book on their nine month marriage. In order to try and get a publisher, he is releasing details of the book, which is titled, Confessions of a Network Husband: My Life With Jordan McDeere.
What the actress says about the character (From Sorkin’s ‘Studio 60′ Offers Politics of a Different Sort by By John Crook, Zap2it):
“…the actress says she understands why Jordan seems so unflappable.

“‘I think probably Jordan is pretty used to being the smartest person in the room and, at the same time, the most-doubted person in the room,’ Peet says. ‘She’s also a little bit of a maverick, I think. She’s very ready for her detractors, as most successful corporate women probably are. Aaron is fascinated with that, which makes me love him even more, for being such a feminist.’

“Sorkin acknowledges that Jordan is based very loosely on former ABC entertainment chief Jamie Tarses, now a consultant on Studio 60′….”
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