Matt Albie

Matt Albie

Matthew Perry as Matt Albie
NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Matt Albie — played by Matthew Perry

What we know about Matt so far:
  • Recently had a romantic relationship with Harriet.
  • The assumption is that this character is based on Sorkin, himself.
  • Smokes.
Current Job (as of the end of the pilot episode):
Executive Producer and Head Writer of “Studio 60″.
Political Affiliation:
When Harriet refers to Democrats, Matt answers, “I don’t need any reminding that my party is full to brimming with panderers and mediocrity.” [108]
What he says about himself:
  • “I’m the only sane person I know.”
  • “Made the Dean’s List eight semesters in a row as a contemporary lit major.”
What others say about him:
  • “Accepting awards in front of ballrooms full of people is the only place he is okay.” (Danny about Matt in 101 pilot)
  • Harriet says, “You are an adolescent, oversexed, whoremonger, with the sensitivity of a head of cabbage.” (Harriet to Matt in 102 “The Cold Open”)
  • Harriet says about Matt, “…he only has conversations when he gets to write what everybody else says, too.” 104″)
Conversations about him and his work:
  • Danny casually asks him, “What are you working on?” and he replies, “Yeah, I’m on the third page, I should know by now.”
  • Matt tells his assistant about taking an award from a group that has unusual opinions about sexual partners, “An award’s an award.” (from “The Harriet Dinner”)
Revealing things he says about how the world works:
  • “I know it seems like the truth is always the best way to go, but it hardly ever is.” (from “The Harriet Dinner”)
The following information is from The Official Series Website - Matt’s Resume:
  1. Began as a staff writer for “Studio 60″ nine years ago.
  2. Later promoted to Co-Executive Producer of “Studio 6″.
  3. “Fired” from “Studio 60″ for his outspoken politics.
  4. Went on to write several screenplays.
  5. Wrote a critically acclaimed movie, Removing All Doubt. which was directed by Danny
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