Harriet Hayes

Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes
NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Harriet Hayes — played by Sarah Paulson

What we know about Harriet so far:
  • She and Matt had a romantic relationship that ended recently.
  • She is a committed Christian.
  • Recently released an album of spiritual music and went on the “700 Club” to promote the new album.
  • She makes about $18,000 a show.
  • First name is Hannah. Harriet is her middle name.
  • Father started to drink when he was laid off from the paper mill.
  • Mother was a secretary in a doctor’s office and was religious.
  • She was raised Baptist.
  • She “became a Christian and a comedian at the same time”.
  • Is known to pray before every show.
  • She has been offered the part of Anita Pallenberg in a new movie about the Rolling Stones. The man who offered her the part also wants to date her again.
  • There are rumors that this character is based on Kristin Chenoweth, who Sorkin once dated and who was brought into “The West Wing” after Sorkin left.
What she says about herself:
  • “I’m not an expert on Christian people.”
  • “I was offended I wasn’t in the [Crazy Christians] sketch.”
  • “I’ve danced since I was four.”
  • She tells Matt, “I lied for a second, but then I realized I couldn’t.”
    “‘Cause you’re a good Christian girl.”
    No, ’cause I get caught. I always do.” The West Coast Delay
  • She tells Matt, “You can accuse me of being dumb but not sinister.” The West Coast Delay
The following information is from The Official Series Website:
  • “An acclaimed comic actress and singer.”
  • From Brighton, MI
  • “The youngest in her family with six older brothers.”
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